Edna Hochstetler with Lora Gargarita, physical therapist

On March 21, 2017, Edna Hochstetler came to Life Care Center of LaGrange, Indiana, for rehabilitation after a car accident fractured her chest bone.


The injured sternum left Hochstetler with limited mobility and difficulty performing her daily self-care tasks. She needed moderate assistance to get out of bed and some assistance to walk, stand up and sit down, get dressed and bathed and groom herself.


The occupational therapy team worked with Hochstetler seven days a week to help her reach her goals of self-sufficiency. Therapists educated her on breathing techniques and energy conservation in addition to retraining her in her activities of daily living. They also gave her a home exercise program to continue to work on her skills.


Hochstetler underwent physical therapy five days a week. The PTs worked with her on her balance and gait.


“I would recommend them to anyone who needs rehab therapy,” said Hochstetler. “The staff is excellent, and the therapists are exceptional. I was there three weeks, and with their help and God’s healing hand, I’m doing well.”


Hochstetler reached her goals and returned home on April 13. She continued therapy at Life Care Center of LaGrange for a few more weeks as an outpatient and is now walking steadily without an assistive device.