Judith Sharp with Jennifer Bowers, occupational therapist assistant

On Sept. 2, 2017, Judith Sharp came to Life Care Center of LaGrange with one goal – to recover from her femur fracture and return home to her husband.


Sharp had broken her leg in a fall at home.


When she arrived at the facility, she needed total assistance for all of her mobility and self-care. She also had difficulty swallowing. Physical and speech therapists began working with her five days a week, and she did occupational therapy seven days a week.


Occupational therapy addressed Sharp’s ability to take care of herself, teaching her energy conservation skills and how to use adaptive equipment. The OT team had her use the Omnicycle exercise machine so she could work out her upper body from a seated position.


Physical therapy worked with Sharp on lower-body strength, balance and gait.


Speech therapy focused on increasing Sharp’s ability to swallow. When she arrived, she could only drink thickened liquids safely. Speech therapists used oral motor exercises to help her throat muscles perform the correct motions, and they did two swallow studies to ensure she was able to swallow safely.


PT and OT also put together a home exercise program to help her maintain her gains in therapy after her stay.


“Everyone took great care of me,” said Sharp. “I felt my therapy was perfect, and the therapists made it fun. I didn’t think I would make this much progress.”


Sharp went from barely being able to do anything to only needing supervision for grooming and sitting balance and minimal assistance with walking, dressing, bathing, transfers and standing. Therapists trained her husband on how to help care for her at home.


On Dec. 11, Sharp met her goal of going home for the holidays.